3 of the Easiest Desserts Ever!

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Today we pay homage to SORTEDfood Brasil by cooking up our three favourite recipes from their channel so far. All of them sweet, all of them with condensed milk… and Barry proves they are so easy that he even cooks his blindfolded!

Get the recipes here:
Brigacake: http://sortedfood.com/brigacake
Sweet Rice Pudding: http://sortedfood.com/arrozdoce
Baked Coconut Cake: http://sortedfood.com/cocadadeforno

Check out loads more recipes from SORTEDfood Brasil:

Also this week:-
French Onion Soup: http://bit.ly/1Jrfgch
New channel Trailer:

HUNGRY FOR MORE? Share your own recipes and photos of your cooking triumphs (and disasters) at http://sortedfood.com or get the app here: http://bit.ly/SortedYT


Gaming with Agimanna says:

The most easiest dessert to make is ice cream
Things you will need
-your flavor
-cone or in bowl
And there you go your ice or just buy some LOL!

Vidoushi Venousha says:

Irritating music

phan trash says:


Waffle Angel says:

I think that James would do a great mettaton impression once he said "darling"

bash18 says:

Mike is kind of thick and I appreciate that.

Farah says:

Hagelslag !! 😍🇳🇱

Aimee Bayliss says:

What happened BEN, why haven't u made a brownie in a waffle iron 😡😡

sparvinator says:

I want to make cakadeiro but I don't have a blender :'(

Chrissy Fullerton says:

the coconut dish looked really good. Can you ad the recipes in writing somewhere so they can be copied and saved?

Rhys Jones says:

I'm surprised that Jamie's does not include bacon!!!!!!!!!!

Cara HG says:

OMG! this was my first Sorted video! I love Jamie's, but I think cakdeiro is a better title.

msrjjon says:

What happened to sorted food Brazil?

ToastyGalaxy says:

That coconut dessert reminds me of crispy bibingka!

depressed girl says:

"and get ready to eat it with your mouth"
no I'm gonna eat it with my butt

Grace Christi says:

Pretty sure James saying darling got me pregnant…

Flyxter says:

Condens-ed? CONDENSE-ED?!?! Have I been pronouncing this wrong my whole life?!

Bella Far says:

aroze dulce is aroze con leche 😂😂 a-ros duel-say or A-Rod cone lets-che

ITz Cresint says:

Barry: "Why is it sizzling?"
Ben: "you spilled most of it on the bottom"
Barry: "SORTED"

Ariel Rodrigues says:

ben speaking portuguese is now my favorite thing on youtube

Liz M says:

I really almost had a heart attack when he almost poured that deliciousness in the oven!

razorXsuicide says:

right when i saw the eggshell my first thought was he was gonna eat it after it was cooked

lidy Oliveira says:

que delícia! !

Millie Peverley says:

who else's favorite is Barry!!☺😀😊😂

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