7 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

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Find links to these recipes below!:

3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Apple Spice Cake – https://www.facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty/videos/1649154965337146/

Loaded Cheese-Stuffed Mashed Potato Balls –

Loaded Sweet Potato Skins –

Roasted Veggie Salad With Avocado Dressing –

Apple Pie Bread Pudding –

Apple Cinnamon Fall Sangria –

Deep-Fried Turkey –

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jayasree raju says:

The same combination in all the video

Paige Cole says:

Isn't the apple spice cake the same as apple Crum cake?

Raed Skerek says:

0:28 Splashing that egg around really pissed me off

blabla bla says:

telling people to deepfry a turkey without saying how dangerous it is, is extremely irresponsible…You have to do it outside and every single drop of water has to be removed or you will create a huge explosionlike fireball and burn your house down.

Caitlin O'Brien says:

This guy had way to much fun making this 😂

tauburn5 says:

Who are you guys ?!

Dean Simone says:

Happy Thanksgiving, this Christmas song's video has a little boy in it who looks like Ralphie from "A Christmas Story". "ROCK & ROLL CHRISTMAS" by The Smokin' Cobras. https://youtu.be/PZEjubVUasY

Tom greifzu says:

It all looks great ! But, the directions go by to fast to read it.

Tileika says:

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EllaMi says:

Can you make the apple pie bread putting slow motion 👌

Tyty DIY says:

There are two types of people in this world cookers and eaters. I’m more of a 50%, 50%. What are you? Comment and like

gmolina8 says:

You just made papas rellenas

Avaa Cella says:

That turkey looks so good!! Can't wait to eat it on Thursday and thanksgiving!!

The Misfit says:

Wow… This looks so mouthwatering and yummy. Can't wait to try this. For more Ideas Click here: http://festivalwish.com/thanksgiving-day-traditions/

Heather says:

Do you think the twice baked yams would work with a traditional sweet potato casserole thingy? The dish with the marshmellows on top? I sound like a cooks disaster area haha

zoe douglas says:

they should have a "diet tasty" cuz this stuff looks really good, but if I eat any of it ill gain a couple hundred pounds.

SpiderViolet 455 says:

Does anyone know of a good substitute for bacon for that first recipe?

fromthelaurelleaves says:

The vibes of this video were so frantic

Genesis Norton says:

Where are the tacos

Eve Lawia says:

I bake my turkey with mom

Rebss // says:

I had never seen a red pear in my life before this video

Valielza O'Keefe says:

Let me just get out my deep frying equipment, heat gloves, other PPE, and another person also wearing PPE to deep fry an entire turkey
Like others said, "easy"

Evil Coconuts says:

Can you do a vegetarian or vegan thanksgiving recipe video?

Sarah Bouachir says:

what in the fk did I just watch? please dont do this for thanksgiving FFS

Bhavya Shivshankar says:

Who else feels bad for the lonely brussels sprout?

Sergio Montes says:

I am not excited for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IHeArTrOcK20 says:

This channel is so under appreciated. All everyone does bitch and moan about the recipes int he comments

Kaozoua Thao says:

Wow, That deep fried turkey tho.. Trying start fires here? That is Not safe to do at home?? lol

No name L says:

Ugh cant wait until thanksgiving where I get to deep fry some turkeys, ah so moist and tender

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