Beginners Guide To Cooking – Learn The Basics

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There are a ton of videos out there that teach you, in a short amount of time, how to do one or two things but when it comes to really learning the basics for someone who doesn’t know anything, it is hard to find proper direction.

For this video I wanted to do something different than our other videos. I have created a long form video to help anyone that doesn’t know much about cooking, or anything at all, get into cooking. Basic techniques or holding a knife, seasoning food, cutting vegetables, marinating meat, making sauces, plating dishes, and so forth.

The goal is that by watching this video you will come to see that cooking is really quite simple and that it doesn’t take much effort at all, just some time, some love, and some fun.

Please feel free to share this with anyone that may be interested, perhaps someone that has always wanted to cook but never thought they could. Remember cooking is easy and if you put in the time it will be an extremely rewarding experience.


Alex Magakis says:

What kinda oil were you cooking with? Can you put ingredients in the description of the videos

636 Productions says:

the Bob Ross of cooking lol

Tani says:

go to 23:42 to see some dance moves…

Tani says:

okay, this is the best cooking vid I have seen in my life PERIOD. subscribing!!! he is so chill. Also, I loved how his kitchen is set up. It's unique.

Caelidh Goode says:

But be careful of the KIND of non-stick coating.. some will flake off over time and they are not good for the human body… research it.. Best non-stick is a well seasoned Cast Iron.

Dani ARTS says:

"Are you smelling this?!" No unfortunately not, I don't think technology works that way. Wish I could smell that tho 😍😂

Dani ARTS says:


Dani ARTS says:

Worth watching this 45 minute vid xD

Brynh Delos Reyes says:

this is clearly telling people what w**d can do to you..and its great to watch!

Hrut Arnadottir says:

Ow,who You were just a bit off baby, I stumbled upon this now in late May 2017. I have to say thank you for groin up so nicely.

Lucas Queiroz Morais says:

munchies hit hard

heat flux says:

hello, i have questions…I'm 28 and I would like to learn cooking so i can find a job. Am I old to learn cooking and how long it will take me to develop skills and learn to cook to get myself employed ????

BrumCraft says:

High as a giraffe's minge

Dion St. Michael says:

My ex was the patient type. Cutting everything very exacting. Slow. Methodical. It was almost as if she was taking the time to enjoy the whole cooking experience. And she was a wonderful cook. And it always looked good as well cause she was so precise about everything she did. I learned from her you don't have to be some fancy or flashy rockstar to be a good cook and to enjoy the whole experience.

Dion St. Michael says:

Close your frikkin mouth when you chew dude. Disgusting. But you WERE fantastic in Ratatouille! It was a great movie!

DJcraftings says:

Peppers and onions are done…

Gabby M says:

If there's one thing i've learned from this video, it's that you cant be too salty. (^-^;

Mubarek Hussen says:

The problem with me is that whenever I'm cooking, i feel like i HAVE to cook everything on high heat and it ruins everything i try cooking. And when i think i shouldn't be cooking w high heat, idk how low i should do it.

Cowboy Naraine says:

I plan on incorporating this style in my cooking channel. its already that way in my vlog channel.

Cowboy Naraine says:

very much myrtle of cooking.

Joey denardo says:

your beautiful

ALHASHMYA2010 says:

This meal is full of Uric Acid 💔💔

Emily Dombrowski says:

I love how you ended the video. Point taken. 😀

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