Pinkie Pie Pizza Pie – My Little Pony Apple Bloom MLP Toy Baking Cooking Series Blind Bag

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Cutie My Little Pony gals Pinkie Pie and Apple Bloom are going to bake a homemade cheese pizza. Sounds good, hope it goes well.

New Mini Barbie Doll sets from the movie Barbie Mariposa and The Fairy Princess. This cute little fairy girl has hot pink long hair and a purple glitter outfit. She rides on her purple glitter pegasus pony.

This is my current collection of My Little Pony Wave 9 Blind Bag ponies.

Mommies- my new littlest pet shop series about bringing a new life into this world and the familys that may or my not welcome them home.

New Old style bobble head pets are back! Here are the new 2014 Littlest Pet Shop Pets that have been released.

New old style pets with bobbleheads are released!!!! New Littlest Pet Shop Mommy and Baby sets! Mom and Babies are soo cute. Each set also comes with an accessory toy for them to play with too.

Mega Blind Bag opening HAUL, Littlest Pet Shop!
NEW Littlest Pet Shop Party Stylin’ Pets Blind Bags! These are wave 2 for 2014.

Here are the Cheat Codes for the Party Stylin Blind Bags too! Now you can pick any pet you want to add to your collection. Watch here:

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Mommies- my new littlest pet shop series about bringing a new life into this world and the familys that may or my not welcome them home.

New toy review opening of the Littlest Pet Shop Husky and Friends. Item #3235 and #3236 from the LPS Pets & Rolleroos Friends set:

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bubble alicorn says:

I am strawberry shortcake

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Pinkie pie pizza

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Salty Potato says:

I love your vids

Michelle Rodriguez says:

It was weird when the doll couldn't even say a word to the ponies lol

Three Perfect Piggies ! says:

I love you so much cookie! you have taught me to have courage and faith in everything you do! pinkie pie pizza pie

ruby-leigh 2000 says:

keep up the good work csc

Kimora James says:

Pinkie pie pizza pie

Escobar David says:

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el coca says:

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Pinkie pie pizza pie

Cadi Flint says:

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Bree BreeBree says:

Pinkie Pie Pizza Pie🐴😉

bhupendra nautiyal says:

That's pinktastic pizza pie.

William Roque says:

When she was laying she said I'm stillBarryshotcake
When she was Tuthill the pizza she was saying HOT

Cupcake 123 says:

Best mlp video ever I love it and what happened to strawberry shortcake.

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