Vlog: *December 27, 2017* ~Baking All Day Err Day!!~

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Ahmed El Chadlaoui says:

😘💖from Netherlands🌷🌷

Cammie Coe says:

Fireside marshmallow is my favorite!

Catrina Moncrief says:

Try Drop Dead Diva, or if you have Hulu the Mindy Project is awesome!. Your skin looks great, what skincare have you been using?

Jodie Hoehn says:

Call the Midwives very good, Stranger Things was awesome I am a big scaredy cat too but I really did enjoy it

Deana Cunningham says:

I love Autumn's response to Emmy and Maddie in the morning.  You can hear a bit of "Sissy" when they come into her room.  It's so cute 😀

vikith1 says:

I loved Stranger Things but I have to warn you that you'll see a scary monster.

suzy ray says:

i love Stranger things its not too scary i also love Outlander

DrkNSwt says:

The hugs have more stabilizers like cornstarch.

MissBriexo says:

I am a huge chicken when it comes to the scary stuff before bed. I can assure you that Stranger Things is not going to keep you up at night 🙂 Also, I suggest Fraiser. It's an older show but it's good and I guarantee you will laugh! I made some Christmas treats like yours also but instead of the kisses, I used Rolo's….that's where the money is at, lemme tell ya lol Oh and Fuller House is a good one (I am a 90's baby so Full House was my jam)

Amanda Brock says:

Stranger things is good! And it's not scary at all. Also I just finished The Ranch, it is hilarious! It has Ashton kutchuer in it..(however you spell it) may not want to watch around the girls- bad language

Cassie Leigh says:

My youngest daughter (22 months) uses the Munchkin click and lock straw cups. They are like $6 for 2 at Target.

1mom2girls2boys8inall says:

250 degree oven for 4 minutes. 5 max for your treats. I found my recipe on Pinterest although I got the idea from Shelly at Shelly’s Home life

Tiffany H says:

Check out Nurse Jackie on Netflix! IT'S SOOOO GOOOD!

Mari & Jij Life says:

Hi everyone! We’re a new family channel and we just posted our first vlog!! It would mean the world if you guys can come check us out and tell us what you think!! And of course we will be more than happy to check you guys out as well😊😊

Barbie Rowley says:

Your girls are absolutely adorable I love all your videos keep them coming girl. 😀

Flor Encinas says:

Stranger Things its not that scary and its a great show. I'm a baby too and i watched by myself

martine andersen says:

My son loves the 0,4 dl camelbak bottles 😊 we have 3 of Them now and They are amazing. They sell them with a lifetime warranty Also 😊

Denise Lytle says:

When Andres "looked around" and covered his head and face about liking sweets was so funny. Love your family. 😊

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